11 Steps

As of this semester I am enrolled in my first photography class since circa 2012 back in my sophomore year of high school!

Just some main facts about my camera:

  • It is a Nikon D300
  • I have 2 lenses
    • 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6
    • (fill in later)
  • I really do not know how to work it.

For a couple of years I have taken pictures here and there, but never really understood the inner workings of a camera. This class will hopefully make my photos compositionally aesthetic to the eye while having great visual dynamics.

Below are some simple notes on ISO, white balance, aperture, shutter speed, and basically the very basic necessity of the camera as a tool, rather than an object that captures whatever it wants.


The first project we got was named “The 11 Steps Assignment”:

From any outdoor starting point, take 11 normal steps and find something visually interesting to capture from that point.  Take another 11 steps in any direction and take another photograph.  Repeat this procedure 20 times.   Upload your best 20 images in the album titled with your name/Steps and upload best 5 in an album titled with your name/CritOne.

Here are (in my opinion) the top 20 shots that I got while wandering around Rome!

I chose these photos because there are a range of various lightings and a mixture of perspectives thrown in there. Obviously there is still a long ways for me to go in order to grasp more interesting pictures, but time will tell of my progression!

For the first couple of weeks my professor does not want me to edit any of my pictures, so these are completely raw! Just shot and posted up for all to see 🙂



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