Okay kiddos, lemme tell you about a story of assignment that broke this artist’s heart. Well, more of a fracture than a break, but you get the gist. The guidelines were simple: make 4 cups with handles. I may have forgotten about “handle” part… whoops. Any who, I began sketching trying to make a cohesive collection and decided on creating a frankenstein set of cups. They were constructed by throwing a variety of different shapes on the wheel and then were slipped and scored together. Texture was added afterwards and the photos underneath are the pots bone dry.

Looks decent right? Well glazing is not a forte of mine and for those who don’t know glaze is not not paint. Red and yellow do not make orange because glaze is not made with pigments, rather it uses chemical reactions to create the final shade and finish that it has. My glaze notes will be on a different blog post coming soon, but for this one I used a black oxide wash with a layer of shino+clear.

Previously unbeknownst to myself, shino should NEVER be layered upon a wash because it does not react well to it. That is why there are bumps and lumps in the final product. I chose to just toss these pieces out and accepted that they were a learning experience. Experimenting and knowing how to manipulate the materials on hand is a skill that comes with time. It is just like picking a job, sometimes you just jump into hoping for the best, sometimes it pans out, sometimes it is miserable. But having a secure knowledge in knowing what you do not want as your occupation gets you one step closer to finding out what is right to you! Plus sometimes you need to separate yourself from your work and realize that even though your artwork is an extension of yourself, it should not epitomize who you are–but more on that later.

Have a happy new year ya nubs



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