Japanese Stab Binding+Wrap Around Book Cover

It is officially fall break (technically I’ve been free since Friday), but today was the day I decided to get back into the groove of things work wise. I whipped out my Japanese Stab book project, in which I had to make 4 books and kept on keeping on. I am not TOO far behind, as this class has no actual due dates, and I finished cutting all the paper and completed two of the four. HOWEVER, making holes for these books are such a hassle since I am only using an awl and not a power-drill as many people do.

WOAH. So I guess wordpress updated(?!) and now they have new formats for pictures and it’s easier to see them/organize. I promise I’m not their spokesperson, but good on you wordpress, making it easier for the user. I give this upgrade 👍🏼👍🏼! One annoying aspect of it is the fact that I for the life of me do not know how to add a hyperlink to my flickr page with the rest of my book binding photographs and the (soon to be uploaded) photos of my other Japanese stab binding books. Sorry for the terrible lighting, I just took these pictures in my room because my room is the warmest and the stabbing, paralyzing coldess won’t penetrate this fortress until it has to be done.

So what you see in this lovely gallery is pictures of a wrap around book case to hold the four Japanese stab bindings. The patterns that I used to make the Japanese stab bindings are from a blogger named Becca who makes beautiful designs. Seriously, they’re lovely. They look a lot easier than they are in actuality, especially when the holes that you made are too small to accommodate for the thicker thread that I was using… just make sure you use a drill and be careful, it’s a dangerous world out there. If you want to take it the simple and basic route here are more links for you to peruse. Below I just put down some simple tips and tricks that I would’ve found helpful when first starting (Pinterest also has A LOT of options if none of them are suiting your fancy).

  1. Any who just to give a little intro into making these books. It is better to use a wider format because of the nature of the stitching. The book is only going to open up to the stitched area and that part can tend to infringe if an intricate design is used. Try not to make them as thin as I did, I would actually recommend to stitch on the stumpier part if you used the same dimensions as I did (5.5″x4.25).
  2. Another tip is something I cannot reiterate enough: use a drill. There is no need to go through the hassle of trying to pierce through all that paper by sheer will, there just isn’t. Listen to this tip and let’s get going. Make sure to make the holes big enough when doing this. That is really important.
  3. Use thicker thread that contrasts the paper! The original thread that I had been using did exactly that, but unfortunately my holes were too small and after 4 broken needles I had to concede to a thinner one.


“What is a wrap around book case?” is probably one of the questions you are asking, well good news for you, I am here! Well… myself and the step-by-step tutorial on how to make this case online as a reference!.

Here are some of my personal notes I took:


Obviously this isn’t much, but some things to note:

  1. Make sure one A piece is the width-thickness of the board. This will be your A3 piece. D will get glued to A1 and act as a visceral indicator that it is the front. The order will go as follows; A1 C A2 B A3.
  2. Instead of measuring out the board thickness when the board onto the paper, you can get a physical piece of it to do it by hand. Less math for you, and in my opinion, it makes things a lot easier!
  3. Have fun with the way you clamp it together! In this example and the blog I referred to it binds it with a ribbon and bow, but you can use magnets, flowers, bow ties, velcro, etc! The possibilities are (probably) endless! Oh, but if you are doing bows here’s how to tie perfect nublets that’ll have people gawk at you in disbelief.

Have fun with this project and know that you can do whatever you want with these! They are fun to do when you are mindlessly binge watching HIMYM for the 40th time on Netflix, and they are fairly cheap Christmas gifts, so you’re welcome. Bind your heart away and ask questions if you have them!


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