Hello, it’s me.

I’ve been rummaging through my brain trying to think of my experiences as I head off to a new land for a whole semester. Essentially, what have I done differently to prepare for this semester away from my family, friends, and the faux boyfriend Tyler (School of Art)?

Today, when meeting up with a friend from University of the Sciences, I realized that most of my experiences are from and through the loving people that I have met in my life. So what have I altered ever since I found out I was going to be away for a whole semester? The answer that I found the most suitable to this question was saying goodbye.

Of course this isn’t a definite goodbye, and hopefully I will see them again when I come back, or even before I leave, but the hardest part of this new adventure is withdrawing from the one I am in right now.

Goodbye to all of the new faces that I have to leave after one semester,

To the ones who make me laugh without even realizing.

Goodbye to the short nights and long talks with people I’ve just met.

To those who stood by me when I experienced my first friend pass.

Goodbye to overeating at J&H only to go back for fourth meal to get ice cream,

And to trying to get on the Temple snapchat story.

Goodbye to my community group to whom I wrote notes to,

know that I mean every phrase, sentence and word in those letters and I’ll miss our camaraderie more than you can imagine.

Goodbye Tyler and our all nighters together,

remember that even though you stress me out, I am overwhelmingly #blessed to have gotten to know you inside and out.

Goodbye for now Temple, I’ll see you in a jiffy.


Although at the moment I am such a cheese ball, I just want to evoke the fact that vacating the physical Philadelphia Temple Campus means saying a lot of farewells, but inviting a host of opportunities in my life. Even though there are a lot of “goodbye”s and “see you soon”s, I’ve come to realize that a lot like Adele, I am here saying “hello” to things.

Hello to crazy antics that I’ll make with new friends,

and the experiences we have as we explore Rome.

Hello eating new foods

and binging on those said nourishments.

Hello to the beautiful scenic views that will be ahead of me,

and also the beautiful people 😉

Hello to all of the experiences I have missed by not getting to know someone different from me,

and to all the moments of cognitive dissonance I know that I will occur.

The decision to go abroad is one of best ideas that I have acted on. Every morning I wake up knowing that I am a day closer to being in a new place and assimilating myself into a new culture. And no matter how much I want to just transfer my friends alongside me, I know that through the people that are to be met and classes taken, there will be a renaissance inside of this Philly girl.

Arrivederci Philadelphia, and ciao Rome. Get some pasta ready because I will be there soon!



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