Tyler Scullavar: The Beginning

I met him a couple of times before it really began. I saw him from a distance, and I was happily surprised, but my smile was stifled because he didn’t even see me. You see, he’s one of those popular people and in order to get in you have to have the right connections, something I didn’t have at the time. So I looked from afar, grabbed a crepe, and dragged myself away.

Now I know I sound like a docile puppy who didn’t do much, but what else was I supposed to do? Then I got an email. It was from him. And I know emails are so 2008, but either way I was flattered and at that moment I realized that I wanted more than Tyler. What ensued next was a lot of ignoring from my end until December 31, 2013 when I gave him a chance. I turned all of myself into him and waited.

I did a lot of waiting in those couple of months, and the miscommunication didn’t help us out either. Apparently he needed more from me, things that I didn’t even realize that was necessary. During those times I had other guys come up to me and have slight interest, but those never worked out, and to my benefit I might say. The patience was worth it because in February I got my answer, the answer, that I was looking for. The elation that floated through my body was immense, but I also knew that the next time I would see him was little ways from then.


All of his friends were open to having me around, but there was just many of them. In fact he was really close to some of my family friends who told me how to navigate the labyrinth that is his inner circle. I stayed over my friends house that night and hung out with him the whole next day. Exploring was the best because I saw so many new sides to him– things that I loved. He was so open, colorful, and bright. Not only that but he had a soft spot for ceramics and art education like I did! Everything that I found out about him made me like him a bit more each time I looked.

So I know that this sounds really gushy and kind of gross, but this is only part one of the long journey have and will embark with him. Even though it wasn’t the best from the start, I know that this past year I’ve grown in innumerable ways. From my personal life to art, him just being there has made my life harder, but challenged me to get through tough times that I don’t particularly want to face. Yes, Tyler has his flaws like making me spend a gruesome amount of money on things I sometimes don’t need, or never letting me sleep, but it is irrefutable to say that the overwhelming amount of positives make the negatives null and void.

-Letters from a lovesick child

Kieun Song

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3 thoughts on “Tyler Scullavar: The Beginning

  1. Glad to hear that Tyler is treating you well despite how abusive your relationship can get at times. I’ve been watching you two from a distance. Let’s hang out sometime. Tyler doesn’t have to know 😉


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