Hold My Hand

My sculpture professors name is Jacob Chrisopher Hammes, but he just goes by Chris. He was a grad student at Tyler, and now he teaches which is pretty spiffy if you ask me. Any-who, there was a casting demo done by him.


At first he had a pre-made mold of his upper body and he slushed plaster in it as a demo. This was about the 15th time he had done this and there was still remnants of his beard stuck onto the cast.


I volunteered to get my hand molded, so I picked a double jointed pose and got smooth on poured onto my hand. Smooth on is different from alginate because alginate is a one and done type of thing because it’s water based. Smooth on, on the other hand can be used repeatedly because it’s based in silicone.


This chicka got her foot casted.


After the smooth-on dried we put plaster over it in order to keep things structured. We did this in two pieces, so that we were able to take it apart. IMG_2768

After an exorbitant amount of time I was out!IMG_2772 IMG_2818

Next class we slushed the inside with plaster (2 parts plaster:1 part water).

My hand is the one missing a part of the pinky. Unfortunately the middle finger broke off of the other one.


Chris made a mold of a watermelon previously and I put it on my head for funsies 🙂

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