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Over the summer I did 3 photoshoots. Two were with the lovely Susan Na for her youtube channel and blog and another was for Sarah Payne, a lovely fashion major who goes to Kent State. She’s also amazingly talented, you should definitely check her out (insta: @gypsywiththeowl). Any who, this first shoot only last around 30 minutes, but I what I really wanted to accomplish was just learning about the camera I was using. I believed that the technical skill would soon follow suit.


This first picture shows what I learned in Lightroom and how to play with the settings that they have. I used the 30-day trial and I absolutely fell in love with so many aspects of this tool. To be honest I found out about this program while browsing through pinterest. I gratefully stumbled onto Unskinny Boppy’s blog to then which I was introduced to the realm of this program. From there I began to manuvere it by myself and with the help of some youtube videos by just typing in “lightroom tutorials for beginners”.

Resources I found helpful:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF2RMd3L83w (very basic details you need to know)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8Yt40sNd-I (for wedding photos)

*I really wish I had made this blog post earlier because I forgot some of the videos that I found uber helpful! Nevertheless, I HIGHLY recommend that you learn the shotcuts if you are going to be using this program! Just like the photoshop ones it helps save time and minute bouts of energy, which is just enough)

I also made a photography Pinterest board as well! It doesn’t delve too deep into anything in particular, just shows what I found interesting.

susjewAnother super cool feature of Lightroom is the fact that you can very easily import the photos into Photoshop and work with them there. This is a combination of both and you can obviously see where I had photoshopped her arms. I really wanted a drastic change just to see how much I could alter while still looking natural. The effect used was liquify, where I shaped her arms and shoulders. The outcome in my opinion is great due to the angular nature of it coupled together with the rustic/urban filter that was layered on top of it all.

katsustestThis was more experiments on Photoshop and Lightroom. What I was trying to achieve with this set of the same picture but different edits were the shift of tone throughout the pictures. #1 took a comical turn when the added pitchfork is noticed as it alludes to the very famous American Gothic, but also is reminiscent of the fact that American itself is such a melting pot. The sepia tone also adds to the western farm atmosphere of the dust bowl. #2 on the other hand has a funky tone and plays with color and what it tends to evoke. The relationship of the colors bouncing off of Katherine’s white shirt is quite interesting due to the fact that it includes both warm and cold colors, which draws your eyes because of that intense contrast.


This last photoset is 100% humourous. This idea came when I was adjusting the color on Lightroom and it made Katherine’s face turn a green hue. The quotes comes from the video, Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life which is a perverse video in itself. Johnny’s photo derived from when he poked fun of Katherine’s photo, so I swiped a picture that I took of him previously and told him to get over himself in the best way I knew how.

I wrote this blog a lot later than I initially intended to, but you know what, I’m lazy and life happens. So be glad that it’s out now. And on that very nice note, if you want to see the rest of the photoshoot pictures you can view them here: SusanSquared

More photos can be found on the Facebook album, which also has pictures from Pearl’s camera and the next photoshoot.


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