Looking In

“The only way to escape, is to fall and leave”

SOOOOO I decided to make a flickr! I thought it would be easier to see these photos in gallery form and have a place where I could manage all of the pictures in an album. Unfortunately flickr doesn’t accept gifs too well, but I’ll make-do with the wonders that are on it.

Now proceeding onto this project. Anxiety, apathy, and annoyance was buzzing through my head as I desperately tried to think up of an idea for this project. For a two week period I barely sketched, the thoughts were just swimming in my mind echoing the same thing, “What the hell are you going to make?” Now this was different from most of my other mind stumps because I didn’t even feel myself caring about what happens with this project. Then one day during class I felt like Chris was watching me do nothing, so I did the smartest thing I could think to do, and I bought metal from Tim. This was done two fold: one to make it look like I was doing something, to start on idea I wasn’t sure of, and to solidify the idea and make myself go for it. I mean I did spend $20 on metal, might as well use it.

*On a mini sidenote here, it took me forever to buy the metal because you have to pay with Diamond Dollars in the printing office. Long story short, I thought I put money on my Diamond Dollar account, but it didn’t go through and once I got to the sculpture room and looked at the key pad and realized I didn’t know the password*


Anywho, the day before the crit I was still stuck. So naturally I slept the whole day and went to the studio at 7pm, the only thing being different was my annoyance at my stupidity. Not knowing how to use any of the machines I was stuck. I didn’t even know which was the welder. But amazingly I was out before 11pm.

Now how did I do this? I am still amazed to this second. Someone from my class had given me a little demo as to how to weld and I knew that I wanted to make a 5’x5’x5′ triangle base, so I constructed that. There was a perfectly circled loop left in the welding area, so I took that for my own. I then connected all the pieces together and didn’t know what to do for the other portion of this project. I grabbed the frame I used for my previous project (I’ll put up a blog post on that one later) and cut out a little crown and voila!! It was finished and I went back home feeling like I just wasted materials.

Me after realizing that this was the perfect height because I could fit into it!
Me after realizing that this was the perfect height because I could fit into it!



I came to class on time, but knew I didn’t have enough time to set up, so I skipped out on the first bit of the crit. Very frantically I grabbed the twine that was stuffed into my backpack a mere 15 minutes earlier and tied it to the frame. It was tied onto a poll underneath the stairs. Of course the crown fell out, but I just stuffed it back on right before my critique.

As I dragged the metal contraption out of the “48 HR STORAGE” area and stepped into it, I was petrified. Of course I made up what my interpretation of it was, but I wanted to know if they had the same experience while looking at it. I based this piece off of an episode of Scandal that I watched recently. This particular one focused on the dichotomy between what the public perceives who princesses are and the realistic versions of their lives. The project was set up in a way people had to look into the hanging frame, and behind that, I positioned myself in a way that the crown would seemingly fit snuggly on my head. This metal wearable object around my body was on the verge on constricting my neck and although I could breathe, I couldn’t move. That’s the same feeling I wanted to emulate. The only way that the “princess” could escape the scrutiny of people looking at this fixed version of herself was to leave the live she so carefully constructed. In the same manner, this was a commentary on how we as a society use social media; as a way to show the world how great you’re doing.

Right as I stepped into the contraption something else hit me. I saw each person go up to the frame to line up my head to the crown, one even stretching their neck behind people in order to see me. Even though I was standing in the metal outfit, I realized that I was only a part of the piece once other people were involved. “I really enjoy how people are peeking their heads and interacting with me. I wish I had a camera to capture your facial expressions!” was blurted out by someone, and shorty realized it was myself after I was halfway through speaking. Chris was also very interested in the interactional aspect of the work. At that point in time I snapped a few snapshots of everyone standing around.

IMG_2511Other people told interpretations of the sculpture as did I, but he wanted to extract the play between the viewers and view-ee who in a way was a viewer, just from a different perspective. He said that the”crown is a maker for where to place you” and I noted that no one tried to break that barrier and walk past the frame.   They were content from their point of view and I was stuck in mine.



Olivia Farina took photos for me on October 21, 2015 and it was a lovely day! What I really wanted to capture with these was the different emotions that this could elicit. It was a difficult thing to do because I don’t know how to stand when I’m the only one in the frame of the camera. Hopefully, I’ll become more of a natural the more times I shoot! We also used 3 locations; inside the sculpture studio, in the big green Tyler hallway, and in the courtyard. This was also a way for me to generate different moods and expressions. The last variable I used was the editing of the photos because as I learned over the summer when self-teaching myself (a little redundant I know) Lightroom, editing is everything. Throughout the shoot I saw a lot of my friends like Tory Stefkovich, Meredith, and others walk by who joined in. Shout out to everyone who walked past and made me blush mad hard.

See the rest of the photos here! : https://www.flickr.com/gp/135568896@N08/11umL1


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